Construction Bid Opportunity

This bid is for the Ledyard Middle School Expansion & Renovate as New – Ledyard, CT


The Ledyard Middle School Addition and Renovation project includes extensive sitework the construction of a new three-story 36,000 square foot addition with spread footing/ stem wall foundation, structural steel frame with masonry veneer and cement board siding over LFG back up. Also included in this project is the "renovate as new" construction of approximately 45,000 square feet of the existing one-story school and demolition of approximately 24,000 sq ft of the existing building. The project is two phased, phase 1 for the new addition begins in April 2017 with a twelve month schedule, phase 2 for the renovation begins in April 2018, and completes in April 2019.

We are looking for bids/pricing from DAS certified minority/SBE contractors and vendors in the following capacities:

Landscaping, Fencing, Tree clearing, Gravel, Concrete, Crushed stone, Bituminous paving, Line Striping, Signs, Precast concrete curb

The link to the project specs/drawings is below:

Pricing/bids would need to be submitted to us by Friday, February 17th.

The bid date for this job is Tuesday, February 21st.

Interested parties/contractors can contact Sharon Beebe at or at 860-429-9358