Many of HEDCO’s grant and loan programs require a letter of good standing from the CT Department of Labor.

If you have full or part time employees, you must register with the CT Department of Labor.   From the CT DOL website:

How to Register 

Employers can register their business online by using the ReEmployCT system. If you have any questions regarding the registration, please call the Employer Status Unit at (860) 263-6550.

Who Is Required To Register

All employers of one or more persons (full or part-time) must register online by clicking the link above. Failure to register does not relieve the employer of the obligation to register. 

For more information about registration, go to  If you have already registered, go to to request a letter of good standing.


If your business does not have any employees,   You need to download DOL – UC-1A form.pdf and fill it out.  Email the completed form to the Department of Labor at  In the email, explain that you need the DOL Good Standing Letter because you are applying for the “Connecticut Small Business Grant Program” and that this is one of the requirements.  Make sure that you include the contact person, phone number and email address for your business.