Fiesta Mexicana: A Journey of Family, Resilience, and Growth

Written by Itzel Martinez Garcia

September 22, 2023

Meet Monica Guerrero, a passionate entrepreneur whose journey to success began in October 2016 when she embarked on the adventure of being her own boss. A loving mother of two and blessed with an incredibly supportive husband. Monica is originally from Cuidad de Jalisco, Mexico and has spent her time here, in the food industry, gaining invaluable experience and leadership skills in various restaurant roles.

Fiesta Mexicana: A Taste of Tradition in Vernon, CT

Monica’s dream, Fiesta Mexicana, is a warm and inviting traditional Mexican restaurant nestled in Vernon, CT. This family-owned gem has become a cherished part of the community, drawing patrons who have remained loyal for years. The Fiesta Mexicana family extends beyond its owners and employees, as the tight-knit team has been working harmoniously for years, forming a close bond of support and family.

When you step into Fiesta Mexicana, you’re transported to the heart of Mexico. The restaurant’s interior is a testament to Monica’s dedication to authenticity, with furniture and paintings carefully imported from Mexico. It’s more than just a dining experience; it’s a journey through traditional Mexican architecture and culture. After seven successful years in business, Fiesta Mexicana continues to flourish, recently expanding to include a charming outdoor seating area, surrounded by beautiful landscaping.

The Spark of Entrepreneurship

Monica’s inspiration to start her own business stemmed from her early days working in restaurants upon arriving in the United States. After years of learning the ropes and building her skills, she felt the time was right to make her dream a reality. However, starting a business is not easy, and the initial costs were substantial. Monica and her team acquired much-needed equipment, some of it gently used but in excellent condition. There were moments of doubt and exhaustion, but their unwavering commitment to their vision kept them moving forward, knowing that greater rewards lay ahead.

HEDCO: A Crucial Lifeline

One of the pivotal moments in Fiesta Mexicana’s journey was the assistance they received from HEDCO (Hartford’s Economic Development Corporation). They were fortunate to receive the HEDCO Minority Business Covid Support Program Grant, which proved to be a lifeline during the challenging times of the pandemic. This support allowed them to invest in new kitchen equipment and ensured that their dedicated employees continued to receive their paychecks. It was an essential bridge during the turbulent waters of the pandemic, and Monica is immensely grateful for HEDCO’s unwavering support.

Seeking HEDCO’s Support

The motivation to seek assistance from HEDCO arose from the dire circumstances brought on by the pandemic. Like countless other businesses, Fiesta Mexicana faced uncertainty and financial strain. Monica learned about HEDCO through the news and recommendations from friends who also have their own small businesses.

Overcoming Challenges with Resilience

The challenges they faced were stressful, primarily centered around sustaining the business and ensuring the livelihoods of their loyal employees. COVID-19 tested their resilience, but their steadfast commitment to quality and their community paid off as they emerged stronger on the other side.

Words of Wisdom: Embracing New Beginnings

Monica’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs echoes her own journey: “All new beginnings are difficult, but they’ll have their own reward,” says Monica. Fiesta Mexicana is not just a restaurant; it’s a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, family, and community support. Monica Guerrero and her family’s story are a source of inspiration for anyone embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, reminding us that with determination and a strong support system, success is within reach.

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For more information about Fiesta Mexicana and their traditional Mexican food, visit:

Fiesta Mexicana

520 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon CT 06066

(860) 858-5230