Manufacturers Information Session Webinar

This webinar will cover what the MDBA Advanced Manufacturing Center at UCONN is and how to register for services and participate.

A collaboration between the University and Manufacturing Extension Programs in Connecticut, Maine, and Puerto Rico, who work with other organizations to provide consulting and training to help manufacturers based anywhere in the U.S. improve their capacity for business, streamline their operations, and secure contracts and financing. This program is funded by the Minority Business Development Agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

About the program

Services include assessments, topical training, and technical, financial, and business consulting on topics to help businesses:
•Improve operations and expand capacity
•Explore financing options
•Shorten lead times and reduce costs
•Improve financial management of your company
•Improve quality
•Create relevant marketing strategies
•Prepare to bid on and fulfill contracts
•Start or grow exports
Who is eligible:
Any minority-owned manufacturing business in the United States can access services of this program.
While the AMC serves all Minority Business Enterprises (MBE’s) either directly or through its internal and external strategic partners, target clients include minority-owned manufacturing firms with one or more of the following characteristics: (NEED TO DECIDE IF WE WILL ADOPT ANY OR ALL OF THESE CRITERIA)
•Businesses with annual revenues of over $1,000,000; or
•Businesses involved in high-growth industries such as green technology, clean energy, or healthcare; or
•Businesses exhibiting rapid growth potential
How much does it cost?
Some services (identify – assessments, certain training programs) are no-cost. Others are priced according to the duration and requirements of a specific consulting contract.
How to get started:
Registering for services is easy and quick – visit www.hedcoinc.com/manufacturing Or contact the AMC Partners at:

Questions? Email us at:
Operated by the University of Connecticut