It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker, a statesman who dedicated his entire career to the betterment of our society. Governor Lowell P. Weicker was a visionary leader and the founder of The Community Economic Development Fund (CEDF). 

As the Founder of the Community Economic Development Fund, Governor Weicker’s vision was to create a mission-driven organization that would provide financing and business advisory services, through innovative, flexible, and personalized loans, coupled with expert and ongoing business guidance. Today, CEDF offers services to entrepreneurs and small businesses in all 169 cities and towns within Connecticut. HEDCO Inc. was fortunate to receive funding through his efforts to support small businesses under the Neighborhood Economic Development Funds (NEDF). Thanks to his unwavering dedication and tireless efforts, our organization was not only brought into existence but continues to stand strong to this day. His vision, leadership, and relentless pursuit of excellence have shaped the very foundation upon which our success rests. It is with deep gratitude and admiration that we acknowledge his contributions and the lasting impact he has made on HEDCO’s journey. 

Governor Lowell P. Weicker’s legacy as a champion for economic development and his dedication to fostering a thriving business environment will forever be remembered. His vision and leadership have touched the lives of countless entrepreneurs and small business owners who have benefited from CEDF’s and HEDCO’s invaluable resources and guidance.

As we mourn the loss of Governor Weicker, we remain committed to carrying forward his vision and continuing to support and uplift Connecticut’s entrepreneurs and small businesses.