McNeill Trucking LLC: Never give up on your dreams

Written by Itzel Martinez Garcia

March 22, 2024

Meet McKaylah (25 years old) and Kevin McNeill (26 years old) Owners of McNeill Trucking LLC Somers, CT 06071.

“Our story begins on August 25th, 2023 when I found HEDCO Inc. The staff that helped Kevin and I were amazing! When we got into starting our process I had to learn a lot of the business side by myself. I created our own business plan, cash flow carts, logos and more. I felt very alone during that time of the process where I wasn’t being guided or listened to until I found Kim Hawkins, President and Chief executive of HEDCO. Kim listened to me and helped me navigate through this time in my life where I just wanted to give up on my dream from being knocked down so many times by different people and not being heard.

On February 29th 2024, I got a call from Kim that changed my life forever! I got my loan ACCEPTED for MCNEILL TRUCKING LLC! That day I cried my eyes out and couldn’t thank Kim enough for everything that she did for me! The reason why MCNEILL TRUCKING LLC is here today is not only because of Kim but because I never gave up on myself through this tough journey!

I want everyone out there to know when someone tells you no, you don’t give up because of that one no. If I did and didn’t stand up for what I wanted and gave up I wouldn’t be here today. So as MCNEILL TRUCKING LLC  gets started our story really begins that day. Thank you to everyone that read this and has supported Kevin and I. If it wasn’t for family, friends and Kim Hawkins who believe in us we wouldn’t be here today! So if you need top soil, millings or dirt moved MCNEILL TRUCKING LLC is here to help you today!

Thank you,