Mexico Lindo Restaurant: A New and Fresh Beginning

Written by Itzel Martinez Garcia

September 28, 2023

Meet Nancy and Willy, the proud owners of México Lindo Restaurant. México Lindo Restaurant is an authentic Mexican restaurant located in Vernon CT. The owners began their business journey in 2017, when they moved from Texas to Connecticut, to honor Willy’s dad who once had his own business in Connecticut. Mexico Lindo Restaurant was originally located in Manchester, but they had to relocate due to their lease contract ending and a surprising increase in the monthly rent. Today, Mexico Lindo Restaurant has opened up its doors in Vernon, with a building that’s three times the size of their original locality. This is how Nancy and Willy have carved their entrepreneurial path in honor of Willy’s father’s legacy.

Starting from Scratch: A Journey of Growth

Nancy and Willy began their business journey far far far away from home. They experienced many challenges in the beginning of their journey from adapting to a new state, navigating an unfamiliar business landscape, and a very unfamiliar environment. This is their first business project, and they’ve been consistent and determined in making their dreams come true.

Along with the initial challenges they faced, they also started off with no employees. The owners had to learn everything along the way, and they’ve even worked every position along the way. The challenge they never expected was the substantial rent increase they faced, after their 5-year lease contract ended. They had to close their Manchester location, and now they’ve opened up a new location in Vernon. The owners have preserved despite these challenges, and now they feel like they’ve started a new and clean beginning at their new location. The community around them has been so welcoming and more supportive than ever.

“With the little experience we started with, we have grown and learned everything. At first, we had neither an accountant nor a cook and we had to learn to work with what we had. Now, our small family opens the doors of a location three times larger and with immense support from the community and our valued customers,” says Nancy.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine and Exceptional Service

Nancy and Willy’s vision for Mexico Lindo Restaurant is clear: to provide customers with high-quality, authentically Mexican food that makes them feel at home. They aim to introduce the flavors of Mexico to those unfamiliar with its cuisine while satisfying the cravings of Mexican food enthusiasts. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in their full range of restaurant services, including takeout and online orders. 

“Our goal is to offer our customers with quality food, with an authentically Mexican Flavor. We want Mexicans and lovers of Mexican food to feel at home, and for those who do not yet know Mexico, to have a taste of our famous typical dishes. Keeping our customers happy is our highest priority,” says Nancy.

The Root of Inspiration and Determination

There’s a big driving force that motivated Nancy and Willy into opening their first restaurant. Willy’s father, Don Eduardo, was a great entrepreneur who had a long history of success in Connecticut. When Nancy and Willy would help Don Eduardo, they would help with clients and the maintenance of the premises. Willy’s dad, Don Eduardo, always wished Willy would start his own business, and so he did.

“After his passing, we officially moved from Texas to Connecticut to follow his entrepreneurial footsteps,” says Nancy.

HEDCO’s Support: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

HEDCO played a crucial role in supporting their business through the HEDCO-SAMA Minority Business Program. This financial assistance was used to upgrade equipment and ensure the restaurant’s smooth operation. Moreover, HEDCO’s forgiveness of the loan has significantly alleviated their financial burden, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

“HEDCO has helped us a lot with the loan from ”HEDCO-SAMA Minority Business Program.” We were able to forgive this loan after filling out the “Loan Forgiveness” application. The loan was used to pay for inventory and equipment. For example, one of the refrigerators was old and starting to fail- the loan helped us replace it,” says Nancy.

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey

The couple’s journey wasn’t without its hardships. Yet, they persevered, and their story is a testament to the power of determination and seeking support when needed.

“Although there have been many challenges during our business journey, the biggest has always been the lack of support. Moving from Texas to Connecticut with few resources, limited knowledge of entrepreneurship, and still coming to terms with the loss of Willy’s father, we had difficult times, even many years later. We appreciate the support that HEDCO gave us by being the only ones who forgave our loan. It is worth mentioning that we acquired this loan during the difficult period of the expiration of the premises contract,” says Nancy.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Nancy and Willy offer valuable advice: never hesitate to seek help. They’ve learned firsthand that there are resources and professionals willing to assist small businesses in their journey to success, including organizations like HEDCO.

“Never hesitate to ask for help! After an extremely difficult start with no one to turn to, we learned that there are many resources available and professionals who are ready to help small businesses succeed. For example, HEDCO,” says Nancy and Willy.

A Unique Identity

México Lindo Restaurant stands as an independent, family-run business with a unique identity. Their passion for sharing the flavors of Mexico and their commitment to honoring Willy’s father’s legacy, continue to drive their business forward, making México Lindo Restaurant a cherished part of the Vernon community.

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