Momentum Life Mastery Coaching: Moving forward with Momentum

Written by Itzel Martinez Garcia

August 4, 2023

Typhanie Winfield-Alexander, a devoted wife and mother of four, dedicated over 25 years of her life to serving children and families as an early childhood educator and administrator.  Her innate ability to support and connect with others on a deeper level drew people to share their stories with her. As she faced her own struggles, Typhanie realized that sharing her challenges often led to positive transformations. Driven by a passion for helping others and creating a more fulfilling life for herself and her family, Typhanie embarked on a new journey – becoming a holistic life coach. Here’s how Momentum Life Mastery Coaching came to be.

Empowering Women to Thrive with Momentum

In 2016, Typhanie founded Momentum Life Mastery Coaching with a vision to support busy women like herself who were juggling multiple responsibilities. She understood that personal growth often stems from the challenges we face, but she also recognized that many women go through life without clarity, support, accountability, and fun in their lives, due to the challenges faced. Her goal was to break generational familial patterns and create an abundant life for her family while helping others do the same. Her natural heart-centered approach has led her to inspire positive change in people’s lives, ultimately paving the way for her to establish Momentum Life Mastery Coaching.

Transformative Services

Momentum Life Mastery Coaching offers holistic life coaching, training, and facilitation services, catered to individuals and groups. Typhanie uses a customized approach based on her own experiences, guiding her clients toward achieving their goals with clarity and confidence. Over time, she’s expanded her circle and skills by becoming a public speaker, published author, and collaborative retreat facilitator.

Typhanie offers 1:1 Coaching sessions, personalized to provide a safe space to explore challenges, set goals, and discover your unique path to success. She also offers Group Programs and Workshops, which are designed to foster a supportive community, encouraging growth and personal development among like-minded individuals.

Challenges Create Determination to Thrive

However, like many entrepreneurs, Typhanie faced financial challenges in the early stages of her business. As a mother of four, her resources were primarily allocated to her children’s needs, leaving little room to invest in her business. She was running her entire coaching business exclusively from her cellphone, making it difficult to purchase the necessary technology hardware and software to scale her operations effectively.

Discovering the Path to Success: The HEDCO Technology Grant

In 2022, Typhanie’s determination and tenacity brought her to the reSET Retail Accelerator, where she sought support and guidance to propel her coaching business forward. During her pitch presentation, technical difficulties with her equipment led her to improvise. This unexpected turn of events connected her with the CEO of HEDCO, Kim Hawkins, who was on the judge’s panel. Though she did not secure the reSET grant, she received a valuable invitation to apply for the HEDCO TECH grant. The HEDCO TECH grant was the pivoting point for Typhanie’s business journey.

“I received the $5000 HEDCO Technology Grant and immediately put it to use for all of my tech needs. I was able to purchase my laptop, screen, additional keyboard, mouse, mic, lighting, software, programs/apps/ subscriptions to help organize and system use my processes and put down a deposit, for website design. I’m eternally thankful for the opportunity and the process. Applying for this grant pushed me out of my comfort zone and also helped me to finalize some required processes for doing business in Connecticut. I’m a lifelong learner… Keep the lessons coming!” says Typhanie.

Words of Wisdom

Drawing from her own experiences, Typhanie offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Knowing one’s vision and purpose (the “why”) is the foundation for success. Surrounding oneself with a supportive network of believers is crucial in overcoming challenges and achieving dreams.

“First and foremost, “KNOW THYSELF”… before you even begin to formulate the what and the how of it all, please… Know your “WHY”. That is what will guide your steps, inspire you, and energize you to keep going when things get tough and will allow you to boldly step forward with your vision. Check your circle- surround yourself with people who want to see you thrive. Work hard, play hard and celebrate your wins… #ButFirstCoffee…” says Typhanie.

Thriving Today and Tomorrow

Today, Momentum Life Mastery Coaching, LLC continues to flourish under Typhanie’s compassionate guidance. The business has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals, helping them achieve personal and professional growth, and empowering them to live their lives with clarity and purpose. With a heart full of gratitude and determination, Typhanie looks forward to an even more successful future for her coaching business, as she continues to inspire positive change and transformation.

With the help of HEDCO, she has turned her passion for empowering women into a thriving business that positively impacts lives. HEDCO is proud to have supported Typhanie and Momentum Life Mastery Coaching, in every way possible. A loan or grant from HEDCO can provide the capital needed to start a new business or to expand an existing one. To learn more or for assistance, contact us today.