A Family’s Passion for Baking: 

Founded by Eliana Sanchez and Luz Stella Lopez, Montecarlo Bakery is a family-owned business driven by a deep-rooted passion for baking. Their commitment to quality and tradition sets them apart in Hartford’s culinary landscape.

“It started with the desire to offer Colombian traditional products to the community, and the passion for baking,” says Eliana.

A Taste of Tradition:

Montecarlo Bakery is located at 685 Park St, Hartford, CT. Specializing in artisanal, high-quality products, Montecarlo Bakery offers a delightful array of treats, including custom celebration cakes. They offer breakfast sandwiches, hot pressed sandwiches, pastelitos, and delicious coffee. Their menu is a testament to their Colombian heritage, bringing authentic flavors to their community. 

Challenges along the way: 

Despite their dedication, Montecarlo Bakery encountered challenges common to many small businesses. When their mixer broke down, they were left with a smaller, less efficient one, impacting their production capacity and customer service.

“It has been challenging at times, but very rewarding as well. We have had obstacles, but we’ve been able to overcome them,” says Eliana.

A Helping Hand from HEDCO:

 In a pivotal moment, Montecarlo Bakery received a $30,000 grant from HEDCO. This grant was a game-changer, enabling them to purchase essential equipment, including a larger mixer. This upgrade not only saved time and money but also enhanced their ability to meet customer demands.

“The mixer we bought when we opened the business stopped working and we didn’t have funds to buy the same machine, so we bought a much smaller one. With the smaller mixer, we couldn’t make the same number of baked goods as before, making everything more difficult. With the funds we received from HEDCO, we were able to buy a bigger machine, saving us time and money. There’s also a couple of other equipment we’re able to upgrade thanks to the grant, and it’s going to reflect on the time we take to serve our customers,” says Eliana.

Gratitude and Growth: 

Eliana and Luz are grateful for the support they received, which played a pivotal role in their success. Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to seek out available resources and support, as it can make all the difference in their journey to success. Today, Montecarlo Bakery stands as a beacon of resilience and community spirit in Hartford, a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in business. HEDCO is here to support any business, at any stage. Contact us to learn more about our programs and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Visit Montecarlo Bakery’s Website: https://www.montecarlobakery.com/

Visit Montecarlo Bakery: 685 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106