Ray Boyd’s journey began as a dedicated trainer in a big-box gym. He quickly realized his passion for making a meaningful impact on people’s lives through fitness. With a handful of loyal clients and a burning desire to create a difference, Ray embarked on his entrepreneurial path. Armed with determination and fueled by his clients’ needs, he founded The Training Floor in Stamford, CT over 15 years ago. 

A Commitment to Personalized Fitness

At The Training Floor, Ray Boyd offers a distinctive blend of personal and Small Group Training services. Unlike conventional gyms that focus solely on memberships, Raymond’s vision was to provide a holistic approach that catered to individual needs. His business model is built on forming deep connections with clients, understanding their unique fitness goals, and tailoring training regimens that empower them to succeed.

A Vision that Overcame Challenges

Ray’s inspiration to start his own gym arose from his firsthand experience with clients. Witnessing the limitations of big-box gyms in addressing individual needs, he was motivated to fill this void. Determined to make a genuine impact, he turned to the Community Economic Development Fund for support. With a $60,000 business loan, Raymond opened a modest 1,800 sq ft studio, marking the first step of his entrepreneurial journey.

Growth Amidst Adversity

The Training Floor’s journey was not without its challenges. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Ray’s business faced unprecedented obstacles. With doors closed and bills piling up, he turned to HEDCO for assistance. In a moment of crisis, HEDCO provided a crucial grant that helped sustain the business, ensuring staff salaries were met and utilities were covered.

“HEDCO was very instrumental in funding me with a grant during COVID when my gym was closed and I still had bills to pay,” Says Ray.

Empowering Dreams, One Workout at a Time

Ray’s resilience paid off. Over the years, The Training Floor evolved and expanded, growing into a 4,000 sq ft studio that continues to be a hub of transformation. His commitment to his clients’ well-being and his dedication to creating a positive fitness community remain unwavering. Ray’s advice to entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: persevere even in the face of challenges, embrace education, and never hesitate to ask for help.

A Bright Future and Lasting Impact

As Ray reflects on his journey, he takes pride in the business he’s built. His dream has not only come true but also continues to thrive. Every day, he finds joy in empowering people through fitness, reminding us that the power of a dream is matched only by the determination to pursue it. The Training Floor’s success story stands as a testament to the impact of dedication, community, and unwavering passion.

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For more information about The Training Floor and its transformative fitness programs, visit www.thetrainingfloor.org